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Wednesday, 15 December 2004

+++ INTRACOM new Organizational Chart valid as of 01/01/2005 +++

As announced at the Shareholders' General Meeting of 09/12/2004, INTRACOM has completed an important restructuring phase that commenced in the beginning of this year, in view of preparing for
a new era of development.

Upon the completion of its internal restructuring, the Company's strategy is oriented towards three key Sectors. These Sectors are:

1. Telecom Systems, aiming at the development of INTRACOM's telecom products. Mr. Alexandros Manos is in charge of this Sector. The Research and Development Division (among others), headed by Mr. Stephanos Xatjiagapis, will be reporting to Mr Manos.

2. Services & Operations, having as main object of activity the undertaking of projects and the provision of implementation and outsourcing services to Telecom, Public and Private sector markets.

Mr. Paschalis Bouchoris is in charge of this Sector is, whom the following Divisions will be reporting to:

Telco Business Development, with Mr. Manos Vassilakis as General Manager and Mr. Lazaros Lentzaris as Deputy General Manager.

  • Telco Solutions, with Mr. Gregoris Votsis as General Manager.
  • Government Solutions, with Mr. Spyros Pomonis as General Manager.
  • Banking & Enterprise Solutions, with Mr. Dimitris Plagiannis as General Manager.
  • Operations & Outsourcing, which will be headed by the Head of the Sector himself, Mr. Paschalis Bouchoris.

3. Defence Electronics, active in the development of technological products for defence applications. Mr. George Troullinos is in charge of this Sector.

The afore-mentioned Sectors are supported by the Corporate Center horizontal unit, which incorporates all the functions of Corporate Finance & Administration, as well as a range of support services previously provided by other organizational units.

Vice-President Dimitris Klonis is Head of the Corporate Center.